TookBook on Windows 10!

TookBook on Windows 10 – soon!


Since we are dedicated to finding optimal ways of integrating digital technologies into educational processes, we turn to e-learning and e-publishing. Because of our mission and vision, we are often reporting on a variety tender within public calls. The aim of these tenders is to create something new, creative and technologically challenging for the Croatian…

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Design Pattern in Android


Just a few days ago, our developer, Jelena Duraković gave a lecture on the theme of the Design Pattern in Android. At the beginning of the lecture, Jelena recalled her beginnings. She tried to convey to the students of the Faculty of Engineering in Zagreb the situations she had encountered on her professional journey. She…

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Looking for a backend developer!


We are a small and agile team and are looking for development engineers to join us in maintaining and developing backend applications. Your daily ritual is tracking the latest technology? You have the passion for backend technologies? You understand how to organize scalable application from base to web service? Then you are the perfect candidate for…

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